Aug 272011

Delirium On Track Titles
(All words from Tom Waits’s song titles)

The Last Rose of summer,
Young at Heart, Poor Little Lamb,
Poor Edward:

 “If I Have to Go Down There by The Train 2:19, Gospel Train,
 I’ll be gone.
Blow Wind Blow.
November, A Little Rain, You can Never Hold back Spring,
Down, Down, Down, Underground,
Everything Goes to Hell,
World Keeps Turning.
What Keeps Mankind Alive;
Shiny Things, Diamonds & Gold, Sins,
Chocolate Jesus, Temptation, Soldier’s Things.
We’re All Mad Here.
Leave Me, ‘T’ Ain’t  No Sins Goin’ out West,
That’s the Way, Long Way Home.
Earth died Screaming, Such A Scream,
The Ocean doesn’t want me,
Everything You can Think, It’s Over,
Little Man On the Road,
Home I’ll Never Be.
Misery is The River of  The World,
Cold Water Rains On Me,
Yesterday Is Here;
God’s Away On Business.
Please Wake Me up.
Time, Hold On,
I’m Still Here.”